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  1. Libby says

    Oh, I enjoyed reading this post. It provides me with more motivation. I get through my runs and I love the idea of running, but I’m waiting for the day when it feels easy to run or at least a little bit easier. Now I’m heading over to read your post on Dara’s blog.

    • K Coake says

      I’m so glad you enjoyed it! I really enjoyed swapping blogs with Dara, it was fun!

      You are so sweet, I was just checking if there were any comments I needed to reply to on Not in Jersey…thanks for your kind words about me.

  2. Carissa Rasmussen says

    I ran three halves this summer because I love running. The best thing for me for my long runs are my hydration belt, powerbar gummies, and rap music. I also like running on trails because it’s so much more calming than the streets! Way to join the club

    • K Coake says

      Wow! 3 halves in one summer! You must really love running. I’ve thought of getting a hydration belt. Do you really like yours? I’ve thought they seem like they could be great or they could be really annoying (if they bounce around). Thanks so much for stopping by!

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